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Cruickshank & Dean Global Intelligence is a U.S.-based global intelligence consultancy which offers clients in the private and public sectors vital insights and information based on its extensive network of human sources in the Middle East and further afield and its deep analysis of open-source information.


Using the highest analytic standards, and emphasizing rigor and integrity, Cruickshank & Dean Global Intelligence provides rapid answers to highly specific and pressing questions to strengthen clients’ strategic and tactical decision-making. It focuses particularly on high-risk high-reward markets in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

Its services include:

  • Corporate Intelligence

  • Business Risk

  • Reputational Risk

  • Due Dilligence

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Market Entry Consulting

  • Energy Sector Consulting

  • Geopolitical Risk & Security Threat Consulting

  • Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) Investigations & Training

  • Counter-terrorism & Counter Violent Extremism Consulting

For all enquiries please email:




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